With a track record of over 300 events in 12 years, Shafeeqah (or Shaf) knows she was born for this work.

It all started with organising her Grade 3 market day. Getting to boss her fellow classmates around and get the job done, made little Shafeeqah so very happy. Later in life she organised carnivals, galas, conferences, gigantic karaokes, banquets, sporting events and killer Ladies’ nights.

She’d been to many weddings with their poofy chair ties and fake flowers and mints in gauze and overpowering centerpieces and she was about to explode with boredom. Which is why she started Happy Hearts. She got a bunch of fun and talented people together and they decided together to forever change the idea of what an affordable wedding looks like by adding in pops of personality and fun rather than pops of organza! Now anyone can have a “magazine-wedding”!

Now she’s taking on your wedding or event, armed with the best and friendliest team and the most amazing suppliers. And if you ask our clients they’ll describe her as “always honest”, “a problem-solver” and “a friend”.

Shafeeqah and Happy Hearts have been featured in Destiny Magazine, Kuier magazine, the Daily Voice, on radio Voice of the Cape and is a wedding contributor for all4women.co.za.

DEBBIE: Affectionately known as “Ma”, she manages the kitchen after our chefs have prepared the food and keeps your guests’ tummies happy.

SHANNON: Trust Shannon to meticulously lay a place setting and then go back and check it again! He and his team work tirelessly to get your reception set-up and glasses sparkling.

DILSHAAD: She and her team head up the Cocktail and Ceremony areas. Dilshaad is considered by some to be the ultimate “guest-whisperer”

We’re a small team. And we like it that way. Because it means we can give a few clients the attention they deserve. We know real people keep real time, so we answer your calls and emails at ungodly hours. We know families, work commitments, budgets and wedding plans often clash, so we find solutions. We don’t promise you the world, but we do promise you the utmost care and attention. Its your special day, but we still want to surprise you. We want you to have a Happy Heart.

We look forward to meeting you.

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Shafeeqah featured in Destiny magazine - November 2011