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We’re the winners!

A huge thank you to our clients who voted for us as the one-stop provider of wedding packages and wedding decor in Cape Town.

Local start-up OFLocal.co.za hosts the Top 10 service providers in a variety of different categories. Winners are nominated and then voted for. Their blurb on us as follows:

An all in one event company that will go above and beyond what you need for your big day. They handle everything food related from welcoming canapes, extravagant cocktail menu, your classic sit down dinner to candy buffet and food station. A modern twist to halaal soul food. They have wonderfully creative in-house interior designers who will transform any venue into your dream venue.”

Thanks to everyone who contributed to us winning this awesome honour! If you’d luck us to give you a quote on your wedding decor, contact us

Best Wedding Caterers in Cape Town

Best wedding caterer in Cape Town on OfLocal.co.za

What a wonderful surprise to wake up to an email from Oflocal.co.za saying that we are in the Top 10 of their Best Wedding Caterers in Cape Town. And then thanks to our wonderful clients they voted us RIGHT to the top! Yay!

How to choose a wedding DJ in Cape Town who doesn’t suck

In Cape Town (and elsewhere, I’m sure) you’re likely to find one of these DJ’s:

  1. He pitches up dressed really shabbily with an entourage of buddies who need to be fed
  2. He hogs the mic all night
  3. He plays what HE wants to play
  4. You have to provide your own music
  5. He just plain sucks.

Thats why we’re so proud to have the best DJ company on board! I recently interviewed the gorgeous Harodien about what she and her partner Randy recommend for your wedding

What is your favorite part of your job?

We love music, providing clear sound, meeting new clients and entertaining their guests.

What are the top songs for walking down the aisle and the first dance

It depends. We cater for different clients. Here are a few that I would rate as the most requested songs:

Wedding March
You and I By Michael Buble
Air on a G-string by Bach
Everything By Michael Buble
From this moment By Shania Twain
Amazed By Lonestar
I finally found someone By Barbara Streisand
All of me by John Legend

Give us a funny story that happened at a wedding

One of our most extraordinary weddings we’ve ever done was for a Russian couple - the softest people ever! The reception party was booming. Out of the blue, the bride grabs me to dance with her and play musical chairs! How awkward and funny for me! I mean, I was there to render a service. Then she whispers to me that she wants to do her wedding dance with me! Im still in contact with these clients even though they live in California now.

Whats the best advice you can give a bride and groom

The DJ plays an important role. Its not just about playing Music. Choose the right One. And you will get Superb Service.

Why do you like working with Happy Hearts?

Happy Hearts is a young vibrant company. Their teamwork is unbelievable. They always make their jobs look effortless to me.
But most important we always feel at home working with them, even the post-event chatting!

Whats your dream wedding?

I would like to have an expensive international artist. lol. I have Adele in mind for the first part of the entertainment. I would love to tie the knot on an island with white couches and a bar on the sand. Different cuisines. And of course, I would like a themed wedding by Happy Hearts!

Randy & Harodien form part of all our wedding packages at a reduced rate! Whether you’re into House or Sokkie, this is the perfect partnership for your special day!

Staff party and year end functions

The same care and attention we give to our weddings and parties can be yours at your next corporate event. Why settle for just a caterer when you can have an awesome events team for your staff party!

We’ll take care of your food, decor, awards, activities and gifts. We can even provide you a private venue from as little R50 per person.

Hassle-free, fun times for ALL your staff and colleagues and a stellar event produced by experts.

Happy Hearts Eventing

How your Zodiac sign might affect your wedding

Shafeeqah from Happy Hearts Eventing has put together a Zodiac wedding list: see how your star sign influences the type of wedding you might want.

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Great photographers

I always tell my brides not to skimp on one thing: THE PHOTOGRAPHER!

When the food is up, the decor’s been taken down and the guests have moved on to the next topic of discussion, great wedding pics will keep the memories alive for many many decades. Here’s a list of great photographers we’ve worked with:

Raygana Isaacs Photography
YeahYeah Photography
Donald’s Photography
Yziz Photography
Carla Diener Photography

Who is the Happy Hearts bride?

The Happy Hearts bride is so special. No wonder we become friends for life!

She’s beautiful inside and out and sooooo funny! She’s sure of herself and she knows that the wedding is only the start of the journey. She wants her guests to remember her wedding day for the memories, the laughter, the pure joy. She wants them to kick off their shoes and eat well and share in their happiness.

She loves beautiful things. She has style without being over the top.

She has chosen her perfect partner. And she wants her wedding day to show off their love!

I’m so happy to have been a part of their love stories. You are all amazing, ladies!

Here are some of my favorite brides in some of my favorite pictures.

Pics by Raygana Isaacs Photography, Yeah Yeah Photography, YzLz Photography, CB Memories

How to handle in-laws or parents “interfering” in your wedding plans

I recently got this question from a bride-to-be:

My #1 question is how do you get the controlling “inlaws” to let you plan and arrange how you want things without being rude or saying something that might make them feel they are not involved enough.”

Here’s my answer:

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Clinton’s 40th birthday

Juanita discovered us at a friend’s wedding and commissioned us to throw a surprise birthday party for her husband, Clinton. As you know, we love, love, love working with clients who look as though the love could easily just burst out of them and Juanita is a perfect example. As a busy career woman, she didn’t have the time to do everything herself, but she still needed assurance that every bit care and attention she would’ve given went into the event .

On arrival, guests were welcomed with fruity cocktails and fruit salad to beat the February heat. When Clinton arrived, his guests and the Happy Hearts team gave him a huge surprise! After speeches and thank you’s, our team served delicious lamb spit, sticky chicken, seafood potjie alongside salads and fresh ciabattas. Clinton was then challenged by Shafeeqah to a game of putt-putt and limbo with his friends. Dessert was served in the outdoor lounge area with our speciality chocolate mini-cakes and candy bar. Clinton and his friends were also treated to a scotch and cigar bar.

Hours of dancing and eating later, their guests lazed around on the ottomans and “kuiered” (relaxed).

To Juanita and Clinton, who also celebrated their anniversary on this day, we have loved being part of such a special day for you both and sharing in the love your friends and family have for you and is so clearly well-deserved!

More pics here

Love, Sunshine & Ice-cream!

Deidre’s fun and relaxed picnic-style wedding was perfectly complemented by our yummy ice-cream buffet. And with the Cape Town weather at 36 degrees this weekend, we certainly added in something cool!

Contact us via the booking page for a quote for your next event!

2014 wedding trends that don’t cost the earth

Google “2014 wedding trends” and any bride will shake in her boots with all the expensive and tricky trends for this year’s wedding season. Of course, you don’t have to follow any of them, but if you do, here are some ways I’ll be keeping my couple’s weddings fresh in 2014, that won’t require a loan!

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Xed and Zee’s Candy Buffet

We had the honour of doing a candy buffet for a dear friend and long-time supplier, Riaz, and his gorgeous bride, Zeenat. The theme was a muted lemon and lime. The candy was gone in 15 minutes!!

See why here

Melissa & Jodee

Aunty Charnette dragged her daughter, Melissa and her fiance, Jodee, to see me one sunny day. Jodee and I chatted away while Melissa snapped away at our Stellenbosch venue. A few days later they booked us for their wedding.

By the time their big day arrived, we were such good friends :-) And it was so wonderful to be a part of their amazing plans. So many details, I hardly had time to take pics. But here are some highlights:

  • Jodee serenaded Melissa with “When I fall inlove”. He had practiced and planned for months without her knowing
  • The guests toasted the couple with colourful bottles of Bashews
  • A decadent buffet of spit lamb, bbq chicken and sides followed by puddings and mini-desserts as well as a chocolate fountain
  • Bubbles blowing across the lawn during the ceremony.
  • A chalkboard photo guest book

I have so loved getting to know these two. Thank you guys for some wonderful memories and a fantastic challenge.

More pics here

Shanlynn & Cole

When I met Shanlynn, her sister Danielle and mom Vanessa, they were practically giggling in excitement for the wedding! Shanlynn chose lime to add some summery-ness to the beautiful Nelsons Wine Estate venue which is draped in white. Then we added some silver for a little bling. A traditional, yet fresh look. We think it came out beautifully!

Shanlynn was a princess bride and Cole a real knight-in-shining armour. We wish them a beautiful life together!

See the pics here

Naadia & Byron at Juante Estate

Naadia and Byron booked us by email only. Which was a very nice ego boost! :-)

But when I met them a week before their wedding for the final go-over I knew more than ever that they deserved something really special. Byron opened the door of his sexy gold Audi for Naadia, and Naadia just beamed with love for him. These two were meant to be.

They allowed me to work with the look of the venue, Juante Estate, by combining their turquoise and white colour scheme with hints of chocolate brown and making use of different glass shapes and white flowers to create a modern rustic look.

See the pics here

Why a wedding planner?

This is extracted from an article by an amazing wedding expert in the US and we felt was worth sharing:

10 Things Couples Need to Know About the Wedding Industry That the Media Will Never Tell You
By Stephanie Padovani

This is a letter written to brides and grooms in response to repeated negatively biased news programs and “expose’s” about wedding industry scams and ripoffs.

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Layla’s vintage tea party

A gorgeous tea party for a gorgeous little girl. Layla celebrated her birthday in Happy Hearts’ style, complete with lace gloves.

Her proud mom, Fatima, put in so much effort and love into throwing this party for her little princess. Fatima was lovely to work with and really let us go CRAZY with the styling. We were in pink heaven! A pretty carousel, delicious treats, makeover station for the girls (the boys refused to let us make them over!) and loads of pretty!

And in the end, it was Shafeeqah who ended up with a makeover, done by 5 girls aged 3-7!

More pics can be found here

Tracy and Chris’ Love story

This post is about a love story… but its not about wedding.

Tracy contacted us wanting to do a 40th birthday for her beloved hubby, Chris. The venue was the Goodwood Wrestling Club. She wanted us to transform the plain-Jane venue into something special. Easy peasy for Happy Hearts!

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Shalane & Ryan’s Cocktail wedding

Despite the cold and wind, our new-format cocktail wedding this past weekend was an amazing hit. Of course it does help to have a combination of a down-to-earth couple, guests who love them to bits and our awesome team rocking out great service all night.

Shalane and Ryan wanted a casual but chic lounge atmosphere. And we were able to deliver that plus a romantic sunset ceremony for this wonderful pair.

Check out the pics HERE

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Julia & Mike’s wedding

Julia and Mike are such a killer team and we loved playing our role in putting together their happy-happy wedding day at Bon Amis (which is also one of our favorite venues).

Thanks to the team from Yeah Yeah Photography for the pics!

For more on the wedding from Yeah Yeah click here

Or to see more of our decor for this amazing wedding here

Wedding ideas to steal from other (unlikely) events

As a wedding planner with years of experience in other events, I often look at what I can learn or use from these other events. Here are some of my insider tips:

Kiddies birthday parties

Have a theme, be it Princesses, Pirates, Cowboys or Superheroes (Yes, these could work for weddings too!). Having a theme enables you to focus the event in a way that just choosing a colour doesn’t.

You’ll be clearer on the style of venue you want, what centrepieces would work, what food to serve, what favours to buy. You’ll have fun piecing everything together and your guests will have so much fun exploring what you’ve done.

What not to do: Sing Happy Birthday!


The journey to your wedding day may have been very long or quite short. Regardless, share your memories as a couple with a love timeline. This could be in the form of pictures at the entrance to the venue, or in a little card on the table.

What not to do: Let your kids plan it!

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10 Biggest Wedding day mistakes brides truly regret making

In an attempt to forewarn brides-to-be, here, 10 minor and major but altogether regret-worthy ways wedding days have taken a wrong turn …

  1. Neglecting to delegate big projects to other people/planners. That’s what they’re there for — to make your life and your day less stressful!

  2. Not letting Dad, Mom, or someone else near and dear express their deepest emotions. Whether it’s about avoiding raccoon streaks from our mascara as we walk down the aisle or just wanting the day to be “perfect,” brides often want to avoid emotional confrontations. But sometimes, having the hardest conversation or letting yourself embrace the most heart-wrenching moment is exactly what the day is all about.

  3. Failing to think/talk about how your relationships will change … before the Big Day. With your mom, your dad, your best friend. All of these emotions have a way of rising to the surface on the wedding day if we don’t tackle them in the days prior.

  4. Neglecting to discuss the final game plan and get the details in writing from vendors. And then missing out on something you really wanted, having to suffer through something you didn’t want (NO disco!), or suffering a hairy miscommunication as a result.

  5. The florist’s (or another vendor’s) bill suddenly doubling overnight. Unexpected changes have caused brides to contend with last minute charges that came out of the blue. Talk about an instant headache!

  6. Not having hired a day of (or month of!) coordinator. Mostly to avoid having to stress out about all the little details up ‘til the last minute or deal with those last minute changes from #1 that you don’t want to stick your mom or bridesmaids with, because they have other major duties to tend to.

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Unique themes for the perfect wedding day

So you’ve seen the traditional ballroom style, vintage, rustic, butterflies, modern and beach themed weddings. Bored? Here are some new ways to style your wedding day:
Choose red with gold or silver embellishments and chinese motifs for an elaborate Chinese look. Or combine minimalist shapes and tones with cherry blossom patterns to create pretty Japanese look. Make sure at least some of your foods fit the theme. Try a a chowmein or sushi bar for starters or serve your desserts in asian-inspired food bowls.

Give more mileage to this most classic of wedding flowers. Choose your favorite rose and build your décor around it. Use tablecloths, napkins and vases in similar shades to your rose. Incorporate rose water desserts and drinks. And use petals wherever possible.

Think the Great Gatsby, black and white stripes or damask, touches of gold and jewel tones, feathers and pearls. Pair this look with black and white photos, a cigar lounge and jewellery favours.

If you love colour, then this is perfect for you. There are few rules and no matching; just loads of colour and details. Keep every piece pretty, use many colours, but in the same tone. Don’t mix pastels with brights, for example. Gorgeous colourful vases and accessories, pretty stationery, colourful flowers and loads of personality are needed to pull off this look.

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How to use the internet to weed out the bad wedding vendors

Wedding planning can be a nightmare when you can’t find great people to help. Follow our guide to selecting vendors from the thousands of options online.

Finding the class in online classifieds

There’s no denying that the opportunity created by free advertising seems to be too tempting for the scammers of the world. But the popularity of these sites also means that really great vendors are also making use of this market to promote their services. Although I’m sure there are amazing vendors who don’t fit the perfect mould, here are some tips to tell the difference:

Photos: Often the pics look too good to be true. Check for watermarks to see if the photos truly belong to the advertiser. When you email them ask for references for the pictures and for more than 8 photos related to the same wedding. If they’ve grabbed it off the internet its unlikely that they will have them. I often find pics on these ads that don’t seem to fit the offer. Google has a great service where you can upload a photo and they’ll show you which website the pic comes from. Try “Google Search by image”.

Websites: A business that takes its professionalism seriously will have a great website with its own domain. Its far too easy to create websites on wix or wordpress. Anybody can do it. But you want to deal with someone who is willing to spend money to make money.

Pricing: In the wedding industry, sadly, you get what you pay for. There’s nothing wrong with having a tight budget. But a business that promises you the wedding of your dreams at R80 per head is going to have to cut corners somewhere. And if you’re ok with that go ahead. But somewhere there’s a middle road. Take it.

Quality vs Price: Realise that quality services cost money. Great wedding vendors put in time, money and years of expertise into creating offers for you. Its hard for a vendor to present you with a package if they don’t know your budget. Be honest. Its not in their interest to overcharge you. The next client might be sitting at your reception!

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